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Our Story



I am Chop. I am obedient, attractive, and a fun-loving boy. I don’t know why I was named after some character from GTA… Thanks to my elder Hooman Bro (I don’t like this name). He is too much into gaming I guess. I love to do all sorts of things. Mostly because I love punishing my Dad and Mom (Hooman again…) for not telling me who my actual parents are. I came to know my currents parents are foster parents as they do not look like me AT ALL. Anyway, It is what It is. Have to go and punish them a little more now. The interview is OVER! See ya all soon. Bye for now!



My name is Gabbar. I was named after a famous Dacoit from a famous old Hindi Movie. No idea why, as I am NOT AT ALL like that person. I love my parents. My elder bro Chop tells me otherwise. Sometimes I feel he is right and sometimes I have my doubts. He is too bossy at times. I love my food and I love to spend my time basking in the Sun. I love peace and quiet, but my elder bro is too loud most of the time, making me run after him again and again. If you want to know more about our family, do write to us. Thanks for your time. See you all soon again. C’YA!


Hi all!

Apologies, we are not allowed to show our faces as Chop and Gabbar have made it very clear, they “do not want our UGLY MUGS on their site”. We are here only as a management team to run this efficiently and because these illiterate boys can’t read OR write or even sign their names. Its not that we did not try and educate them, however even after constant nagging and running around, these two boys never ever bothered (thank GOD our eldest Son – HOOMAN in their way, is doing OK). We are mere signatories and management workers for them so all the liabilities lie on them.

Don’t go by their looks or words (we were forced to write all the good stuff). Good for us they can’t read all this. They are Riff Raffs, vagabonds, and utterly disrespectful towards their elders.

Management Team:

Unhappy DAD to Chop & Gabbar, Graduate in ARTS and Postgraduate in Business Administration with 25+ years of working experience.

I have been hired to efficiently run this venture. One thing I am happy about is they are good pay masters, however its difficult to manage with a Family Oriented Business run by such boys. Too much of internal politics, disputes and behind the back nagging makes me jittery.

Ananth: Operations Head and Director

Experienced and a Successful Entrepreneur from India. I have never had an opportunity to meet the owners, however I am being hired for a reason with a good pay check so why not???

*Note from DAD* – Thank GOD he never had an opportunity to meet the owners – this is the only reason it was really easy to rope him in.

Ashish: Head - IT & Website Management

Well experienced with lot of successful stories behind in Website Creation and Management and Social Platform Management.

*Note from DAD* - its always so easy to rope people in who have no idea what they are venturing into.

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