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Ever dreamt to settle up on the mountain? Here are best dogs’ breeds that can endure through terrain

Ever dreamt of moving to the mountains and settling down? Get a nice house, a dog – it’s the ultimate fantasy, and one that’s surprisingly easy to accomplish if you’re willing to tear yourself away from the trappings of life, but that’s a story for another article… For now, we’ll focus on the four-legged part of the plan: powder pooches!

Whilst there are tons of dog breeds that thrive in a mountain environment, not to mention cross-breeds, we’ve picked out a few that from our travel experiences that compliment an active, backcountry-based existence the best.

1) The Bernese Mountain Dog

When we talk about choosing best mountain dogs, The Bernese dog would top the list. They are gentle giants, the sheer size of these doesn’t make them great for your typical Fijian apartment, but for out of doors Bernese Mountain Dogs are perfect for outing. Medium to large in size, they are beloved for their soft, sweet disposition as well as their intelligence and keen desire to learn during training. The American Kennel Club (AKC) also says they are known for their patience with children and their love for their own family.

2) Australian Shepherd

Don’t be misled by the name, Californian-originated these dogs are perfect mountain companions. They are easy to train and fit well into an active family lifestyle. They’ll accompany you wherever you go – running alongside a bicycle, hiking in the mountains, or just herding your kids around the yard. Also, they are good snowboarders if you love Himalayas or hiking in the snow mountains.

3) Siberian Husky

Obviously, these guys are perfect for a winter lifestyle, if they can stay comfortable in temperatures down to around -50°C then a typical day on the hill in Europe is no sweat for them, though be warned: they’re fiercely independent and may leave you for dust if they pick up the scent of something tasty in the woods. However, if you’re dead set on one and have the time and space to let them roam then you’d be hard-pressed to find a breed better suited to mountain living – treat them right and they’re extremely loyal in their own way.

4) Shiba Inu

Ahh, need to give your mind some rest from crypto? Here is another Shibu who can help. Apart from being in your crypto wallet and memes, these dogs would be perfect for your small apartment. The Shiba Inu’s double coat fur consists of a strong straight outer coat with a soft undercoat, make them best for colder climate. They’re completely satisfied roaming the house without much human attention, if you want to explore woods alone sometimes.

5) Saint Bernard

Another gentle giant we would like to recognize as one of the best mountain dogs. These pups are great pets, gentle with children, and are sure to attract the neighbours’ attention if you have another nomad living beside. These dogs have saved 2,500 travellers lost in the snow in Switzerland, which proves these mighty beauties can be assets in the snowy mountains.

6) Leonberger

The Leonberger is a mighty mountain dog breed that looks like a lion and can weigh in at an impressive 170 pounds. While a bit intimidating, this breed is known for its majestic grace and unwavering kindness and is also noted for being extremely patient with humans and other animals. Still, they are not easily fooled! This breed’s intelligence, vigilance, and impressive sense of judgment makes them exceptional guard dogs.

7) Entlebucher Sennenhund

If you've never heard of this breed, you're not alone. This smallest of the 4 Swiss mountain dog breeds, these guys are furbulous companions, and while they're happiest when working, they can be pawsome family dogs. Smart and lively, they can be induced to play and love nothing more than a long hike in the woods.

8) Great Pyrenees

Originating in France, these elegant giants make great watch dogs because of their seemingly innate ability to suss out the trustworthiness of humans and other dogs. Calm and serene, these pups will guard their territories and homes against wildlife and other dangers. Their thick coats, while requiring regular care, protects them from the cold and the teeth of attackers.

9) Tibetan Mastiff

Claimed by some to be the most expensive breed, these massive, bear-like pups arose in the Himalayan foothills and remains much like its ancestors because of the isolation and resulting inbreeding. Utilized for herding and guarding by royalty and monasteries, their rarity has made them sought-after in the show and unique pet circles.

10) Indigenous Mastiff

Since we included one of the most expensive mountain dogs from the Himalayas, here is his brother across the border who isn’t that expensive. Native to India, commonly referred to as Himalayan guard dogs. They are generally gentle and reserved, but if something goes wrong, they can be very ferocious. They are courageous and warrior-like and have been known to fight to the death, hence known as Himalayan guard dogs.

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