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These dogs might be going rare very soon.!!

Yes, you read it right. Dog breeds go in and out of popularity. Who knows why? Regardless, some breeds that have lost popularity might be in danger of disappearing altogether. Every endangered breed has its own reasons for the decline in its popularity. Often it has to do with the purpose for which the breed was created. When that job is no longer needed, the number for the breed goes down. Sometime it’s due to illegalization of hunting deer and foxes. Wanna know if you own one that can be going rare very soon? Check out the list.

1) Bloodhound

It’s ironic that this sad-faced jowly dog is actually very gentle and affectionate. That said, when one is on a scent, it will be focused — and willful. Plus, they drool like there’s no tomorrow. Only 77 bloodhounds were registered in 2015, according to The Telegraph.

2) Curly Coated Retriever

Curly-Coated Retrievers are the super-smart cousins of the Golden and Labrador Retriever and are actually the older ones within the Retriever group. Their curly coats make them able to swim and trounce through the brush through any season. according to The Telegraph. There were 66 registered in 2015.

3) Otterhound

These dogs, originally bred to … wait for it … hunt otters, are almost gone, according to The Telegraph. In fact, there are around 600 left in the world, and just 34 were registered in 2015. The big, boisterous, lovable hounds can jump a five-foot fence and they need a lot of exercise, which might account for why they are losing popularity.

4) English Toy Terrier

This cute little dog looks like a tiny Doberman, with pointy ears and lovely, almond-shaped eyes. The breed is lovable and fun, but barking is a problem, because English toy terriers can’t get enough of it. Only 78 were registered in 2015, according to The Telegraph.

5) Glen of Imaal Terrier

You might never have seen a Glen of Imaal terrier: It has a wheat- or blue-colored, double coat that is soft underneath but wiry on top. This terrier is active and loves to exercise but will be just as happy on his owner’s lap, according to The Telegraph. In addition, the breed is spirited, loyal, courageous, and agile. Sadly, just 79 were registered in 2015.

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